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Planting calendarPlanting calendar
  • Today, 26-10-2014
  • Leafs
  • chard, basil, celery, chervil, chicory, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, Brussels sprouts, coirabanos, spinach, fennel, lettuce, watercress, parsley, leeks, Swiss chard, ...
View lunar planting calendar Optimum periods for planting, transplanting and harvesting.
Special offersSpecial offers
Seed Tray – 40 cavities Seed Tray – 40 cavities
1.50€ 1.25€
Seed Tray – 60 cavities Seed Tray – 60 cavities
1.50€ 1.25€
Seed Tray – 84 cavities Seed Tray – 84 cavities
1.50€ 1.25€
Sprayer 16 l Sprayer 16 l
42.00€ 37.90€
Tensotec 1l Tensotec 1l
6.00€ 5.50€
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Hortinatura, your garden at home. With only a pot, soil, seeds, water and a bit of interest, create your own garden. You’ll see how it changes the taste of freshly harvested vegetables, cultivates with your own hands.

Featured products
Ecological treatment pack
Ecological treatment pack 1L+100ml


Absolute Tuta Trap
Absolute Tuta Trap Lepisan


Pack Absolute Tuta
Pack Absolute Tuta Pack


Gallows of 3 points
Gallows of 3 points Artesana


Galvanized Crop Table 150x50x85 cm
Galvanized Crop Table 150x50x85 cm 150x50x85


Brown crop table 150x50x45 cm
Brown crop table 150x50x45 cm 150x50x45


Grape bag
Grape bag 25 unidades


Worm humus 4 liters
Worm humus 4 liters 4 litros


Picudo Rojo Trap
Picudo Rojo Trap Rhynchonex


Composter Combox 150


Composter 2 modules
Composter 2 modules Combox 300


Tuta Absoluta Pack
Tuta Absoluta Pack Pack 4


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